What Is Healthy For My Scalp And Hair?

You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting some poor bastard whose idea of hair care is using some slop from a China-made supermarket-brand bottle with a picture of a cat and a flower on it. I say slop, since it is filled with so many chemicals, man. The FDA may approve it, but since it is not drugs or food, there is less of a strict policy in those matters. I am not saying that they don’t get the job done. They do, but at what price? I am not surprised to hear that so many people are not satisfied with their hair care. Some individuals could not care less. That’s cool. To each his own. But when I looked into what was in those bottles that I used to use… I wasn’t happy. To say the least.

I wanted to use something which was actually natural, and not something which only had the word written on the label. It takes more than that to be really natural, for my personal taste. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t used those types of things. I am not an elitist weirdo. I just figured out what was good for me and my scalp. And those daily-use shampoos with their formulas weren’t doing me any favors. After all, they were manufactured for a mass of people, not a single person.

I had to make my own products. Or rather, I had to figure out what my scalp and hair need, for real. And this in turn caused me to take a new look at those products. They did not need almost anything which those products had. Seriously nothing. What they actually needed was oils, water, and baking soda – and that is basically what I use now.

More in winter than summer, my hair develops a tendency to dryness. I guess the hoods, the temperatures, the precipitation, combined with A/C hot/cold factors and other stuff, it just all causes my head to act in a way which causes dryness. And this shampoo is what saves my bacon on a permanent basis.

Would you pay someone to dump harsh detergents, artificial fragrances, and lathering chemicals on your head, every day? This is what those ordinary daily-use shampoos are. Some are exceptions to the rule, obviously, but generally this is it. And I do not like it. Not my cup of tea, man.

Too many people are unaware. Awareness is what makes a person change, and even if some people are not into understanding the woes of bad hair care, there is a lot to go on. And once you are aware of the major things which hinder good hair, you are able to make some changes and come up with a formula which is able to support you, your hair, and your scalp.

There is a lot to say about oil shampoo. Some of the commercial products are really good, and some are not worth a dime. Your call, after all.

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