Building A Private Label

Ray, Katie and there son Jeff were a little bit upset. When Rays sister Hilary and their brother in law Ben would come by they weren’t eating a lot of their private label (Innovative Private Label) cookies, ice cream, pizza, or other foods that they got especially for them to celebrate parties with. They explained to them that they were on diets. ” I don’t understand why can’t they just eat a little bit of our private label brand snacks?” said Ray to Katie one night,. ” And there on diets that’s no fun. There relationship had changed a lot.

It used to be that Ray, Katie, Hilary, and Ben were all big foodies together. They would all go and get double burgers at restaurants together and buy the private label brands of cookies at Walmart etc. etc.. They would then go to movies together or shows or what not. The wife’s might go shopping together. They were all good friends for many reasons. Besides for their love of private label brand snacks and eating they also had another commonality. They were all overweight. There children were too. Recently though Ben and Hilary had gone on diets they explained that they realized how dangerous it was for them to be overweight and the private label snacks weren’t really worth it. Then one night Ray had a dream that changed everything. In the dream his father came to him. ” Ray” he said. ” What are you doing why are you eating all those private label junk food snacks? Why all the fast food? Why all the private label sodas? Do you want to die like me young. Listen to your sister I know its difficult those private label snacks are cheap and easy and taste amazing. Just do yourself a favor have you, your wife, and son live a lot longer. There are a lot of private label brand health food snacks out there too. They taste good and are at good prices too. Please heed my words.” Ray then woke up from his dream and explained it to Katie. The two then watched some documentaries on the topic. The next day the three people family started to get in shape. They bought private label health food snacks, fruits, vegetables, and plenty of other health foods. They started going to the gym with Ben and Hilary’s family and served private label health food snacks at family affairs. It was nice to be losing weight as a family. They inspired plenty of people across the United States and gave them hope, There story was recorded in major newspapers ” Family starts healthier lives.” They were able to create commercials for a lot of the private label heath food products too. It changed things alot for their family’s structure. They even had to get a whole new wardrobe besides for a whole new set of private label health food snacks, other health foods, and drinks.

The couples and children lived til ripe old ages and everyone was happy they had beaten food. They controlled their food and not the opposite way.

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