A Pirate Movie

I’m not usually one to be in the mood for movies about pirates but there is one film with pirates that I will watch. There are a few movies in the series which means that things change up quite a bit throughout the movies. It’s interesting to see the characters develop but I think what’s really interesting about this particular series is that the relationships and love interests throughout the movies stay pretty much the same. Also the cool thing about the pirate, who is essentially the main character is that he is really funny. That’s contrary to popular belief about pirates. They’re known for being evil, dirty minded and only set on two things – women and money.

While it’s true that Captain Jack Sparrow is into both those things, and at times throughout the movies he’ll focus on those over everything else, his humor is usually what gives him a conscience. As someone who appreciates a movie with character development it’s interesting to see how throughout the series he becomes more and more real with himself and the people who he is meant to be against, actually become his friends. In terms of special effects, the movie is also really cool. I think this is usually the most underrated part of the movie because you have to be of a certain age and understanding in order to appreciate the work that goes into making a movie with special effects. There’s one bit, or scene, where Jack Sparrow’s dad shows up. He’s covered in coral and sea snails and honestly it’s gross. He basically is part of the sea wall and he peels himself off and reveals himself but you would barely know there was a human under there he’s so layered in sea stuff. That’s obviously not a costume but special effects and it really looked so real. Another scene with special effects is anything with that evil jellyfish monster thing that sucks them and is really mean.

He’s the epitome of only being into money. Everything he does is pretty much evil and he has absolutely no mercy. I think one of the biggest plot twists is that Jack and the main character who is into Kiera Knightly turn out to be related. I don’t think anybody saw that coming. It’s also really cool that it’s a British movie. I don’t know if the movie was actually filmed in England but it’s cool that British actors did so well. Maybe that’s just my patriotic side coming through but I think it’s important that England get credit for more than just the Harry Potter franchise – although I stand by that too. Harry Potter was one of the biggest things to com e out of England this side of the century and to think that’s a fantasy novel that did so well is really surprising to me. I guess people like escaping into fake worlds.

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