The Second Amendment

Carrying a gun is unlike anything else. Weapons have been around probably as long as humans – or our human-like ancenstors – have been around. Seemingly, nothing changed but the technology. I feel differently, though. I feel that a gun, unlike a knife or a pair of nunchaku, is something that is closely associated with America.

I mean, look. The second amendment is written in a vague kind of way, and it is written that way for a reason. What is this militia that is bespeaks? Is it an army? Is it civilians? Is it both?

At the time, there was still a danger of invasion, and it was absolutely necessary to be able to mobilize a resistance, and fast. Times have changed, and still we are not question the second amendment. Do you know why? Because it is not just about a nation’s right to exist. It is about everyone’s individual right to exist as well. Existence and self-defense, they go hand in hand. While we don’t all need to defend ourselves on a daily basis, we have the option. Unlike in other countries, where firearms are prohibited for civilian use, in the U.S. you can apply for a permit, sometimes even a concealed carry permit, and be able to defend yourself at any time. Indoors, outdoors, whenever. There are still some restrictions, obviously. You need to keep things in order, and that means putting different weapons in classes, and applying some kind some of regulation. I get that.

The problems begin when the carriers are less militia, and more vigilante. Less trained personnel, and more regular civilians. The problems persist when people who are not fir to carry weapons are given free reign, to not only carry but positively stockpile. What is it that these people are expecting? I don’t know for sure. Not judging, either way. If your in the market for a new gun check out for their amazing reviews and articles to get you well prepared before youbuy your new gun.

Here is the thing. The people carrying, the armed citizens of the United States, need more education on weapons and firearms. They do. On the other hand, can you make so safety lessons are mandatory? Isn’t that putting limitations on a person’s right, which was given to him in the Bill of Rights?

These are strange times. On the one hand, there is no doubt that gun violence needs to stop. I mean the kind of violence where people are injured or killed, just because some fool had a gun. Or when some kids steal their father or mother’s weapon, and bring it to school. There was a case not long ago, actually, of a boy who brought an antique gun to “Show and Tell”. The weapon is useless, and it wasn’t even equipped with rounds, but it still made the news, all over the country. I never fully understood why. Is that a crime? Honestly? An antique gun that probably cannot even fire? I didn’t follow it all the way to completion. What was clear was that the parents didn’t know that he had taken it. But they apologized, and they accepted responsibility. They knew that even when it is an antique and useless as a weapon, it is still a gun, and that means something.

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