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I am sure we would all love to improve our English, spoken, read, written, and make ourselves better writers especially. Writing is a precious skill, and it does not have to be the property of natives speakers and writers. Programs like the online-based Grammarly (check out this great review on are one of several options for those who are interested in improving their writing abilities, and basically become better communicators.

Writing is all about conveying ideas. It is about getting across a message in a concise and proper manner. It is about putting thoughts to words, but it is within the limitations of grammar, style, structure, and other laws of language. When it comes to the English language, there is an issue. So many people are interested in learning English as a second language, and some are doing very well on their own. Spoken English is popular, but written English is more difficult.

There are programs out there which can enhance your abilities. Which cam utilize technology to make you a better writer, and do it in a way which alerts you to your mistakes and weak points, so you know where you have to get work done, and what you need to do in order to improve your writing skills. And like I said, it is a precious skill. It is one which takes hard work, for most of those who study it and who are actively pursuing it. Even those who are prone to languages and writing may have difficulties. English is a modern language with ancient roots. All kinds of roots. This is why English is a bit of a mess, as far as languages go. It has so many sources of inspiration, and has been changed several times throughout its history. Some things were left, others remain. You don’t have to look too far to see what I am talking about. Silent letters. English has a large percentage of silent letters in its written form. Do we need them all there? Probably not. Why have they stuck around? Who knows…

Some things are worth being kept. Some facets of English are kept in certains styles of poetry and religious texts. It has its place, but if you want to write a more modern version of English, you need to have the right tools. Grammarly is one of those tools, and it is amazing that it was only created in 2009. I mean, there have been others. It certainly wasn’t the first. But it is the first, I think, to bring so much attention to the English language.

People all over the world want to speak, read, and write in English. The best thing they can do is talk, read, and write! But for those who need extra help – and let’s face it, we all do in some way – Grammarly has got your back. There is a paid version, a free version, and a free web-browser extension which can help make your online experience much smoother and more eloquent. Let technology help your writing grow.

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