Education Is Important

Is education really that important? Well, what kind of a stupid question is that? Oh, and while we are on that – are there stupid questions?

Okay, here is what I think.

A – yes, education is important, but more important th

an that, it is the type of education which is being made important which is the most important. Geez, what a messed-up sentence.

B – it is the kind of stupid question which many people are asking themselves right now.

C – yes, there are stupid question. Not many, but yes.תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪secretary of education idiocracy gif‬‏

Well, good. Now that we have all that out of the way, let’s talk about the kind of education which we are bestowing upon our kids. We have a relatively new secretary of education, and as always, some are supporters of her policy, others are not. This has always been true, and there is nothing new about that. I am not going to start taking apart the whole political thing. There is a lot of politics involved, and I honestly don’t know enough about it. I’d like to keep it that way.

If we can extricate the political games from our views on education, it is worth noticing that when it comes to education and its practical aspects, not enough has changed. Education is the same as it was 100 and 200 years ago, relatively. Sure, there are some newer things, but on the whole, it has been teacher and classroom. Teachers now can be texted and e-mailed, yes, but education itself is still an issue. And to think that there are those who are looking to take more and more money away from the schools who need it. is where you go to learn anything new as well as read reviews on everything new in the technology of education.

Look, I understand that I have a very limited scope of things, being a John Q. Citizen, and nothing more. I am willing to accept that. But there are other things which I find that I am not willing to accpet, like the fact that there are more and more people dropping out, just for the sake of it.

And hey, I am all for escaping the system, but you need to do it right! If you are going to drop out, do it for something worthy. Do it for something which is genuinely you. And you need to be real about it. Like Jay Z says: “hustle ‘caine, hustle clothes, or hustle music – but hustle hard in any hustle that you pick”. It’s true. The systems of education don’t seem to be advancing fast enough, and more people are looking to get away from it.

Thankfully, in this age, there is a way for us to learn outside of such oppressive frames. Look, I am not saying school isn’t important. I am saying it is not as important for everyone. People throw around the word education, but too many times they don’t stop to consider the type of education which is being discussed. In some cases, they wouldn’t even want their kids to be exposed to that kind of education. Because after all, in the States right now, kids are being told – in more than one way – that they need to follow the path: school, degree, job, career, etc. But there are other ways, and we need to help them expand.

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