What is Your Sign?

I am bit of a zodiac geek. I do like them. I think its pretty magical that the stars all aligned up the moment when you were born to give some indication on your destiny and personality traits. It all makes sense to me but some think it’s a little hocus pocus. I love it personally and yes I am one of those that asks “what star sign are you”?! Lol!

Sometimes I think oh ok it really is down to the person and then the relationship/friendship takes a certain turn and I think wait I recognize this, they must be a …. And usually they are. So I have just decided to give up pretending it doesn’t make sense to me because it does.

My personal favorite signs romantically are Leo’s, Taurus’s, Libras, Aquarians, Geminis, Aries (sometimes), Scorpios (sometimes) and that’s about it. Cancerians are quite sweet actually but sometimes too much like mama’s boys and a little too sensitive but they are sweet. Sagittarius’s are fun although I usually end up as friends with them, its happened a few times. Capricorns drive me mad in the domineering attitudes. They literally make me want to break free from a cage that they may not realize they are putting over me in their dictorial manor but they do, its so annoying, bless em!

I usually get on with Libra men the best. Its like having a girlfriend but in a man. Libra is ruled by Venus – the goodness of love. It’s the most feminine sign og all of them so when men are Librans it usually means they are in touch with their feminine side slightly and can relate to conversation more than just “me man, me need fire, wood etc”. Ok I am talking of the men from the dark ages but have they come further than that really when you truly break it down. Seriously, we as men and women haven’t moved that much further on really, we are still quite in our barbarian states.

We have moved on in many other ways but we still operate close to our original DNA structures. We all need food, shelter, love and to continue the human race. The words may have changed but the drives are the same pretty much.

I think humanity is going to change a lot in the next 20 – 50 years. I just have this feeling that we have started to make more headway in the last decade and its only going to speed up. I think we are going to find out what we are all really made of and in my hope, that is love more than a destructive race that we have been labeled as for eons of time.
Here’s to change!

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