Diaz Brothers

MMA is one of the newest combat sports that has hit mainstream entertainment. The UFC is one of the biggest promoters of the sport of MMA in the entertainment industry today. The UFC started when the inventor of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu set a challenge to every other fighting style. In the end Brazilian Jiu Jitsu came out on top. Now a days MMA fighters have to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in order to be competitive at all. The trouble is that to become a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you need to train for like ten years. Since most MMA fighters start later in life they are not black belts when they compete they get trashed on the ground. Since Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is exclusively on the ground. The Diaz brothers both started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when they were teenagers. They are both high level black belts. The only high level grapplers in the UFC started grappling when they were kids in high school wrestling.

Wrestlers do really well in MMA because it takes longer to develop grappling skills than it takes to develop striking skills. Most high level strikers cannot develop their grappling skill when they want to transition to the world of MMA. That’s why you see fighters like Connor go into boxing matches and fair pretty well. You do not see pro boxers moving to MMA on short notice. This is because they will get taken down and submitted. They can also be taken down and ground and pounded. Getting ground and pounded is much more brutal. Wrestlers tend to be a bit more effective at ground and pound that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experts since wrestling is all about staying on top. Wrestlers do not tend to do as well on submissions. The Diaz brother both do very well when it comes to submissions.

They have submitted many of their opponents. They do not partake in the trash talking phenomena that is sweeping the sport. They are two real dudes, if they say they will scrap with you on the street you better hope you don’t run into them. If they say something they will back it up. They have gotten into several street fights in their career. They also love to smoke bud and they aren’t ashamed to tell everyone about it. They also claim everyone is on steroids except them. They do not do any performance enhancing drugs, all they do is smoke bud. Many fighters have been caught doing steroids. They test for drugs very often but there are a lot of drugs you can take that will not show up on their tests. Since the the drug producers are aware of the tests that are run but the testers are not aware of the new drugs being produced. UFC fighters get caught taking performance enhancing drugs and will usually only get in a little trouble. They will get a small fine and then a suspension. The suspensions are for a year or a few months. Nick Diaz was suspended for 5 years for not wanting to take a drug test when all he does is smoke bud.

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